7 Things to Expect From a Top Real Estate Agent

There are a number of things most people expect when engaging with a top real estate agent. They should be friendly, understand the local real estate market, have a fair degree of experience, and advise you on the best practices related to buying or selling property. But is that all you should expect? Since realtors… Read more »


Finding Purpose In a Career

After considering a career in law or public policy, I received my real estate license in 2012. Finding purpose in my career began with working at a National plaintiff law firm in San Francisco. I wasn’t sure law school was the right path but I knew I wanted an engaging career that helped people. One… Read more »


The Power of No

Power of No

We hear a lot about encouraging our kids and the power of “Yes”. But I actually think it’s really important and relevant to say “No”. If you grow up always hearing “Yes” or having the path cleared for you, it can be very difficult when you encounter hardships in life. I’ve spent time these past… Read more »