Maximizing Property Return On Investment

Return on Investment

While the U.S. economy is experiencing turmoil in many segments due to the global coronavirus pandemic, real estate has remained relatively unscathed. Historically low mortgage interest rates have led to increased demand for home purchases. Combined with relatively low home inventory in many markets, home prices are reaching record levels with no clear end in sight. One market expert… Read more »


Home Sale Capital Gains Tax Implications

Home Capital Gains Banner

Many clients ask me about the sale of their home capital gains taxes they may owe. Capital gains are the difference between how much you pay for a capital asset how much you sell it for. These gains can have important tax considerations when you sell your home. Home sale capital gains tax rates vary… Read more »


When to Engage a Real Estate Agent?

Thinking about buying or selling a house is a major life decision.  You may wonder when exactly is the best time to seek the services of a real estate agent.  While you may just be information gathering, engaging an agent as soon as possible in your process can help inform your strategy and set you… Read more »