Thinking about buying or selling a house is a major life decision.  You may wonder when exactly is the best time to seek the services of a real estate agent.  While you may just be information gathering, engaging an agent as soon as possible in your process can help inform your strategy and set you up for success.  

For a buyer this could entail referrals to qualified local lenders, access to open home listing search platforms, financial market analyses, consideration of your long term financial goals, public schools, and commute considerations.  For sellers, your agent can explain the selling process, identify the best time to bring your house on the market, advise you on repairs and reports that you will need to order, provide comparable home selling data to correctly price your home, and bring a team of professionals to prepare and market your house.

Open access to the internet provides easy access to information on nearly any topic under the sun. This also means that nearly anyone can deem themselves an expert in a matter of minutes.  Navigating a real estate purchase or sale is a complex transaction that is best handled by an experienced real estate agent who has encountered the range of possible hurdles that can occur throughout the process and is offensively mapping the process to ensure the best possible outcome.  

Even if you are not prepared to make a sale or purchase, consulting with an experienced agent can help you gather helpful information to aid in your planning process. Many couples purchase or sell property together, and having a non-biased representative can often help navigate questions, concerns, and anxieties that arise in the course of such a significant financial decision.

Remember, there is no cost associated with obtaining the advice and expertise of an agent until you sell your home.  For buyers, the seller traditionally pays the real estate commission for both sides so there is no reason not to take advantage of this free opportunity to become better educated and prepared to make a home purchase when you find the perfect house.

If you are considering a future purchase or sale, please reach out to me for a free financial market analysis and consultation of your goals so we can work together to ensure your long-term success.

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